Dreaming in Hardcover

Tucked away behind a faux wall in the South African family home’s garage, my book collection is slowly gathering dust, mould, and a distinct feeling of neglect.

I’m fairly certain the men who burgled our house wouldn’t have bothered swiping the books, so I’m hoping I can one day break through the wall with a Jack Nicholsonesque yell and reclaim my small library.

In the meantime, I’m building up my collection UK-side. One of my dreams is to have a library. A proper one. You know – wooden everything, walls of shelves, a massive and solid antique desk, the comfiest sofa on earth and, most importantly, those ladders on wheels so that I can reach the higher volumes. A big floppy reading hat and pipe are (barely) optional.


This is my addiction


Look at that ladder! Look at it!

To that end, I was incredibly pleased to find a new hardcover print of the Discworld novels is currently in the midst of being released. 6 of them are sitting on my desk as I type, and the rest are all pre-ordered.

In fact, rather gloriously, these 6 books have now convinced me that I’ve got enough books here to buy the first of many bookshelves. I’ve been trying not to spend all my free time finding the perfect example.


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